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You’re thinking about getting a new custom kitchen!
It can seem daunting for such a large project, but let us take you  through the exciting journey from start to finish, step by step and know that you’re in the safest of hands with our team at Alwood.

Bringing your ideas and dreams to life.

Your personal journey from initial consultation to handover of your new kitchen entails a structured process designed to meet your unique needs and preferences.


The prospective customer initiates contact with the kitchen design company, prompting the scheduling of an initial consultation. During this phase, the customer’s requirements, design preferences, spatial considerations, and budget constraints are thoroughly assessed.

Needs Assessment

Through an in-depth dialogue with the customer, the design team gathers comprehensive information to understand the specific elements desired in your new kitchen. This involves analysing the kitchen’s layout, style, materials, appliance preferences, and any bespoke features required.

Conceptual Design

Based on the insights gained during the needs assessment, your designer formulates a preliminary conceptual design, which is presented through detailed 3D renderings. These visual representations aid you to visualising your envisioned kitchen.

Proposal and Quotation

Following the conceptual design phase, your designer presents a comprehensive proposal and detailed quotation to you. The proposal encompasses a comprehensive scope of work, transparent cost breakdown, and an estimated timeline for project completion.

Design Refinement

Through this phase you are encouraged to provide feedback on the initial design, allowing the design team to make necessary adjustments and incorporate your desired modifications. Further design refinements are undertaken until you are fully satisfied with the final design plan.

Material Selection

Once the design is approved, you will be is guided through the process of selecting materials, finishes, and colour schemes that align with your aesthetic vision and design aspirations. Samples and expert recommendations may be offered to facilitate the decision-making process.


Upon agreement on the finalised design and materials, a detailed contract is prepared, containing all agreed-upon specifications, associated costs, payment schedules, and contractual terms.

Manufacturing and Production

The manufacturing and production phase commences. Our craftsmen and manufacturers start to work using their expertise to create the bespoke kitchen components in accordance with the approved design.

Quality Control

Throughout the manufacturing process, stringent quality control measures are implemented to ensure that your kitchen components meet the specified standards of craftsmanship and functionality.

Delivery and Installation

Following manufacturing, the installation team delivers your custom kitchen components to your residence. The installation process is meticulously executed, with attention to detail and precision in assembly and fitting by our expert fitters.

Final Inspection and Handover

A thorough final inspection is conducted to ensure the flawless integration of the custom kitchen components.

Lifetime Support

After the handover, we will provide comprehensive care and maintenance instructions to optimise the longevity and performance of your new kitchen. We like to keep in touch with our customers to ensure your design looks as fresh as the day it leaves our factory.

We are at the end of the phone if you need us.


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